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Financial Hardship and Trips/Workshops/Residentials

 We are proud to offer an amazing range of fantastic learning experiences for our children with the trips, residential visits and workshops our children take part in.

We have found that going on a trip or residential visit or having special visitors to school can bring  learning to life for the children and improve their vocabulary, writing, social skills or leadership skills.

Unfortunately there is often a large cost to school of running a trip or a workshop, which is why we have to ask parents for contributions when these happen.  Recently we have found that some of our school trips and visits have cost the school hundreds of pounds as some parents have not paid any contributions.  The school cannot keep funding trips without it affecting other areas of learning.

If you are having difficulty with paying for a trip, then please contact the school office confidentially.  We can set up small payments on Parent Pay – sometimes even £2 per week can make a huge difference to spreading out the cost.  We can continue to take payments even after a trip has finished so the weekly cost can come down.

We will not be able to provide trips for free to anyone – but if you are having genuine hardship then we can work with you to help with the cost of trips and visits.  If this is the case then please contact the Headteacher or the Family Support team in school.

We appreciate that it is difficult when schools ask for money, but hope that we can work together on a solution to make sure that the children get the best experiences possible.

Where to go for more information

Contact Claycots School

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any worries or concerns.

If you have any worries about a school trip please contact the organiser of the trip (their name will be on the letter).

If you are concerned about a child, please contact any member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Their photos are on posters in school.


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Letters/Documents for trips Date  
20180706 THC Yr 5 West Wittering Letter.docx 17th May 2018 Download
20180604 THC Yr 3 The British Museum trip letter 04.06.18 002.docx 18th May 2018 Download
20180625 THC Black Park Parent Letter May 2018 15th Jun 2018 Download
20180626 BWC Nursery and Reception Farm letter 15th Jun 2018 Download
20180705 BWC Yr 4 British Museum Trip Letter 15th Jun 2018 Download
20180705 BWC Yr 4 British Museum Trip TRIP ANALYSIS 15th Jun 2018 Download
2018071213 THC YrR Copas Farm Trip Letter.docx 20th Jun 2018 Download
Terrorism Risk 13th Jun 2017 Download
Parent trips 13th Jun 2017 Download
20180417 THC Yr3 Egyptian Day.docx 27th Mar 2018 Download
20180316 BWC Yr 2 kidzania 16th Mar 2018.doc 28th Sep 2017 Download
20180709 BWC Yr 2 Rushall Farm 9th July 18.doc 28th Sep 2017 Download
20171113 BWC Yr4 Immersion project Ufton Court Residential.docx.doc 28th Sep 2017 Download
20171115 THC Yr4 Immersion project Ufton Court Residential.docx 28th Sep 2017 Download
20171021 BWC Yr6 Tesco bag packing 21st Oct.docx 16th Oct 2017 Download
20171021 THC Yr6 Tesco bag packing 21st Oct.docx 16th Oct 2017 Download
20171031 BWC Yr R Burnham Beeches 31stOct.doc 16th Oct 2017 Download
20171107 THC Yr R Black Park 7th 21st Nov.docx 16th Oct 2017 Download
2017111314 BWC Yr 6 Windsor castle trip.doc 16th Oct 2017 Download
201711 BWC Yr2 The Curve Librarian Nov.doc 18th Oct 2017 Download
201712 BWC Yr2 Oak House care home Dec.doc 18th Oct 2017 Download
2017 18 BWC Yr 4 Ufton Court programme.docx 27th Nov 2017 Download
20180208 THC Yr 4 Windsor theatre Monstersaurus.docx 16th Jan 2018 Download
2018011118 THC Yr R The Look Out Discovery Centre.docx 15th Dec 2017 Download
20180125 THC YR R Change of Date Look out trip.docx 11th Jan 2018 Download
2018022021 BWC Yr R natural history museum.docx 11th Jan 2018 Download
20180228 BWC Yr RH pizza express.docx 11th Jan 2018 Download
20180120 BWC year 5 Sat walk burnham beaches BW.docx 12th Jan 2018 Download
20180120 THC year 5 Sat walk burnham beaches TH.docx 12th Jan 2018 Download
20180302 THC Yr 5 Shakespeare Workshop.pdf 19th Jan 2018 Download
2018020506 THC Nursery The Curve Traditional Stories.doc 26th Jan 2018 Download
20180301 THC Yr 4 Guy Bass author visit.docx 26th Jan 2018 Download
20180301 BWC Yr 4 guy Bass letter to parents.docx 26th Jan 2018 Download
20180324 WS London Irish Trip letter 24 Mar.docx 30th Jan 2018 Download
20180322 WS Venture Trip to Upton Court Kidenza.doc 02nd Feb 2018 Download
20180606 08 THC Yr 6 Residential Interest letter.doc 28th Feb 2018 Download
20180321 BWC Music Showcase 21.3.18 and rehearsals.doc 05th Mar 2018 Download
20180703 BWC Yr 1 Windsor Castle trip letter 04th Jun 2018 Download