Self Improving School System

The SISS Board

(Self-Improving School System)

The overarching aim of the SISS board is to deliver the aims of the School Development Plan through partnership working. The SISS board is the operational board to deliver the key learning outcomes across the partnership of Claycots schools.

The SISS board is made up of senior leaders from both schools as permanent members, with co-opted members for specific projects and workstreams. The board can appoint working parties from the main body of the staff to complete tasks – for example the recent new marking policy was written by a working party appointed by the SISS board.

An additional aim of the SISS board is to provide a “change forum”. Staff members and external partners may present suggestions or ideas to the board for approval or further investigation. A member of the SISS board will “sponsor” the presentation and take ownership of delegating any workstreams that come from the presentation.

SISS Board membership 2018/19:

Self improving school system

Colleagues from other schools in the area would be welcome to join the board for projects or work of mutual interest. Please contact if you would like to discuss this.

Priority work for the SISS board for 2018/19 includes:

  • Enhancing the non-core curriculum offer
  • Assessment of the non-core subjects
  • Rapid induction of new to country teachers
  • Embed a framework of monitoring and support for teaching and learning.