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Spanish Christmas Traditions

Spanish Christmas Traditions

Posted on: December 1st 2017


This week, Mr. Ayuso and Ms Espino ran our first Spanish assembly at Britwell and Townhall for Discovery. The aim of the assembly was to explain to the children how Spanish people celebrate Christmas and their traditions.                         Img 0220 small version       

During the assembly, children sang the  "Hello to all the children of the world" song. Some teachers and pupils from Year 2 ate 12 grapes to wish Good Luck to the next forthcoming months of the year. Then three children from Year 1 were picked to represent the three magic kings and they gave some presents (chocolate coins) to the children in Discovery.

Finally , we ended the assembly by singing " Feliz Navidad " Merry Christmas.

                     Img 0876 small version                   

Click here to see more pictures from this exciting event.


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