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Stop, Drop and Roll !

Stop, Drop and Roll !

Posted on: November 23rd 2017

On 23rd November the children enjoyed a visit from local firemen. Fireman Steve and the children discussed many different aspects of the emergency service. Children were able to tell Fireman Steve that you call 999 if there is a fire. We listened to a fire alarm and learned that we have them in our homes. Children practiced "Stop, Drop and Roll" and learned that the firemen only have 1 minute to get ready in an emergency. Children thoroughly enjoyed watching Mrs. Deepak race against the clock to see if she could get ready in time. Children then went outside where we were able to look at the truck.

The kind firemen even let each of the children have a turn using the hose to knock over a traffic cone. It was a wonderful morning for the children!

                     Img 1818

Click here to view some more pictures from this informative day.

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