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This is Sparta!

This is Sparta!

Posted on: December 5th 2017

This term, Year 5 attended a fantastic workshop held by Theo; a man from Ancient Greece! Throughout the morning, we learnt about battles between Athens and Sparta and their cultures. The children were fascinated by the contrast between the two and were lucky enough to take part in some role plays and other activities.

In the afternoon, Theo transformed into an Ancient Greek warrior. He showed us how special armour protected the soldiers and different weapons that were used. We also learnt some very important battle tactics! Then the children took part in a Mini Olympics where the classes were split into Athens and Sparta. Although it got competitive, the children were very sporting and it ended in a draw. To finish, Theo told the myth of Medusa; it was quite frightening in parts!

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It was wonderful to see the children enthralled by the workshop and we are glad that we could give our children this wonderful opportunity where they learnt even more amazing facts about Ancient Greece.


You can find more pictures from this educational workshop here!

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