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Mystery day?!

Mystery day?!

Posted on: February 1st 2017

Unravel our mystery at our Town Hall Campus

The Mystery Day was an exciting and fantastic event for all children, members of staff and the entire community. All members of staff were dressed up from a Disney/Fairytale setting whilst the children were expecting a normal school day! The BIG mystery was ‘Who tried to poison poor Snow White?’. Key suspects were Prince Charming, Queen Elsa, Evil Stepmother, Genie, Grumpy, Shrek and the Big Bad Wolf, each with their own motive!

Children throughout the day turned into Detectives by completing a range of activities in order to solve the mystery!


Adding to this amazing Mystery day, reindeers were spotted at CLAYCOTS! They travelled all the way from fairyland to greet all the children at Claycots. All the staff and the children had a fabulous day and we are glad we could give our children such an amazing opportunity!

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You can read more about this on the Slough Observer Website .

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