1st May 2020 - Executive Headteacher Update

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1st May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Weekly Covid-19 update – Week Two Summer Term

I hope you and your families are all well and safe as we continue to face the lockdown and social distancing.

Following on from the Governments’ Briefing last night by the Prime Minister, I can confirm that there was no news of when schools will return to normal or even a partial or phased return to school. We hope that by the end of next week, the school has further information about the next few weeks and possibly about the rest of the Summer Term.

The school will not be open on Friday 8th May as this is a Bank Holiday.

The Town Hall Campus remains closed, if you need to contact the school by phone please call the Britwell Campus between 8.00am and 3.00pm on 01753 521215.

Next week, the Britwell Campus will remain open for Key Worker children and vulnerable families only. The school premises will be open from 8.00am to 3.00pm (Monday to Thursday) and we will be open for the Key Worker children and vulnerable children from 8.30am to 3.00pm.

All other families need to follow the DFE guidelines and not attend the school during the lockdown.

Most Key Worker families have contacted us to register for this childcare at the Britwell Campus, but if you are a Key Worker and haven’t registered for next week or the following weeks, please contact the school.

I am extremely grateful to our staff that are volunteering during these difficult times and come in to work to support our Key Worker families and our vulnerable children. A big thank you and a ‘big clap’ for our Key Workers.

Contact with families and children

All class teachers have been busy emailing parents to make contact, say ‘hello’ and arrange a time for a phone call. Next week the class teacher will be phoning you and your child so that we can check in to hear how your child is doing, and hopefully provide a further link with the school. 

So that your child feels confident to share what they have been doing, please prepare them for the following questions.

•           What has been the most exciting thing you have done at home?

•           Tell me about one new thing you have learnt?

•           Tell me about how you have stayed in contact with others during this time?

(This may be through virtual meetings, it may be talking to the neighbours after clapping for carers or you may have found others ways to keep in touch)

Thank you to the parents and children who have continued to embrace Twitter and upload their own contributions to the Claycots Twitter feed. These have been wonderful. The staff will continue to update these weekly for each year group. We currently have 500 followers and it would be great to double that number by the end of next week.

Twitter updates can be found at @ClaycotsSchool


General email enquiries should be sent to: enquiries@claycots.com

Safeguarding Concerns

There has been an increase in extreme online games that target children and young children. Some of the games have been quite disturbing. A list of games is being created and will be emailed to parents in the near future, however we ask that all parents remain vigilant and continue to monitor their child’s screen time, online activity and phone activity.

Further safeguarding guidance and support for parents can be found on our website.

Safeguarding concerns should be sent to: safeguarding@claycots.com

The children can also use the Worry Box link on the school’s website to communicate with the school if they have any worries: Worry Box

Home Learning

There are a number of ways that children can learn at home:

(These are refreshed every Friday afternoon. This means that a new pack of work will be added each Friday afternoon (for the following week) and the old study pack will be removed from our website.)

Free School Meal Vouchers – Edenred Vouchers

The school understands the frustration that parents are having with the Voucher system. The school is equally frustrated by the delays. We apologise for the delays but this is caused by the enormous volume of requests for vouchers across the country and the system developed by Edenred.

This week we have also established that there are problems at Slough Borough Council with processing eligibility checks for Free School Meals for parents who are checking whether they are able to claim for vouchers. This will potentially add to the delays for some parents who are applying for the first time for benefits related Free School Meals.

Please continue to check your emails and refer to the Edenred guidance below before contacting the school.

Please refer enquiries first to Edenred's helpdesk – the telephone number is 0333 400 5932 and the email address is: freeschoolmealsparentscarers@edenred.com

Further guidance and advice for parents:

  • the vouchers we have processed so far will cover the period from Easter to May 8th 2020.

Please note that we will update you on Friday 8th May about whether the voucher scheme will be continuing, and if so, when the next set of vouchers will be processed by the school, the amount per child and the approximate time scale for when you are likely to receive the 16-digit code email and the actual voucher.

Further guidance can be found here:

Wishing all of our members of the Claycots Community the very best at this difficult time.

Best wishes and take care,

Andrew Griffin

Executive Headteacher