Quality Assurance & Standards


Claycots School has a clear and uncompromising vision for how we should continually be transforming and striving for excellence. As a part of this process we have robust arrangements for monitoring our processes and standards as it is a priority for us to be a reflective and self-evaluating organisation. 

We recognise that we do not always get it right especially as we are in the challenging process of rapidly transforming and expanding to consolidate our position as the largest primary school in the UK. Many of our stakeholders will testify that they have seen a rapid pattern of improvements and change in a variety of areas such as curriculum, environment and pastoral experience as we strive to move towards an outstanding provision.

At the most senior level there are stringent processes to ensure standards, the following are a few of our approaches to ensuring educational and organizational quality remains high:

  • Ofsted Inspection (every 3-4 years)
  • Financial and HR Audit (every 3 years)
  • Annual Review by the Local Authority (Slough Borough Council) during the Autumn Term.
  • Unannounced visits by Slough Borough Council to moderate our testing and pupil assessments.
  • Termly reporting to the Governing Body progress towards the meeting of School Development Plan key priorities linked to the key performance indicators set by the Governing Body each year.
  • Peer Review Inspections utilising expertise from our partner campuses to provide a critical friend for improvement.
  • Weekly 'Standards Walks' that have focused and targeted reviews on key areas of teaching and learning (conducted by both Senior and Wider Leadership).
  • Half-Termly assessment reviews to track progress and monitor expected trajectory for pupils.
  • Regular monitoring of pupil work, teacher planning and formal observations.
  • Termly parents meetings and end of year reports.
  • Secure processes for performance management for all staff which are related to pay progression and the respective professional standards.
  • A clear and effective Behaviour Code that is inclusive of both rewards and sanctions and implemented to ensure pupil conduct is meeting the high expectations that we have. Claycots School operates a 'zero tolerance' policy on serious breaches of the Behaviour code which potentially may lead to exclusion if required. 
  • Home School Agreement outlining key expectations from Parents, Pupils and the School including respectful relations, behaviour on the premises and through communication.