Key Expectations


We expect every child to wear our Claycots School Uniform, comprising of a school jumper or cardigan, white shirt with a collar, a school tie, grey or black trousers or skirt, grey or black tights or socks and flat black school shoes.  PE kit is specific to each house and comprises of: house T-Shirt,. Black or green shorts or tracksuit trousers, Sports Socks and Plimsolls or non-marking trainers. We also have a school fleece that is available for all pupils.


Time keeping

Parents are reminded that all pupils should be at school, in class and ready to learn by 8.45am each school day. We ask parents and pupils to sign our home-school agreement which reminds parents of our key messages:


Pupils’ responsibilities

I am special to my parents and to my teachers. Because I am special, I will try to:

  1. play well with my friends and be kind,

  2. come to school everyday and in my uniform,

  3. be well behaved on the way to and from school,

  4. try and enjoy being at school,

  5. keep my tray, classroom and the school clean and tidy.


I also understand that there is only one of me and I have special talents that I must try and use wisely.

Therefore I will try to:

  1. attend school regularly and on time, bringing with me all the things I need,

  2. wear school uniform and take a pride in my appearance,

  3. take care of all school equipment and help keep our school free from litter and graffiti,

  4. try my best in all my work and be polite, at all times to all pupils, all adults and all visitors to the school,

  5. be well behaved on the way to and from school,

  6. behave sensibly so we can be happy and safe as we learn,

  7. always tell the truth, even when I have done wrong,

  8. observe all school rules and treat everyone with the respect they deserve,

  9. try to think for myself and take responsibility for my actions,

  10. take part in all aspects of school life and be proud of my school.


Claycots School – Home School Agreement



This home-school agreement is based on the principles and values on which this school is based and to which the governors, the head teacher and all the staff subscribe. It is hoped that parents and pupils are equally committed to the same ideals and central to this is the partnership developed between the parents, pupils and staff of the school.


Parents' responsibilities

We acknowledge that we, as parents, are the primary educators of our children and have an irreplaceable role to play in supporting our children's learning at school.

Therefore I/we will:

  1. work with the school in supporting the education of my child,

  2. see that my child attends school regularly, on time, suitably equipped and dressed in full school uniform,

  3. be responsible for any books, when brought home and will pay an amount, specified by the school, if the book is lost or damaged,

  4. support the aims and values of the school community,

  5. Work in co-operation with staff to resolve issues and problems that may arise and let the school know of any issues that might affect my child's work, behaviour or attendance,

  6. encourage my child to be enthusiastic about learning, provide opportunities for home learning and support homework from school,

  7. support the school's policies and guidelines for behaviour and dress code, which are intended to promote the highest standards of behaviour and discipline,

  8. make sure my child only wears stud earrings which will be either taken out for PE lessons or covered with a plaster,

  9. encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others and to always behave appropriately, when in school uniform, on their way to, and from, school,

  10. participate in whatever way possible in school events,

  11. treat staff and pupils with courtesy and respect.


The School's responsibilities

We acknowledge our responsibility to support parents in developing each child to their full potential.

Therefore we will:

  1. provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your child and a secure, stimulating and caring environment in which to learn,

  2. ensure that your child is valued for who he or she is and helped to make good progress in their spiritual, moral, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development,

  3. do our best to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is well taught and relevant to their needs and their future as individuals and as citizens,

  4. work in co-operation with parents to resolve issues and problems that may arise,

  5. provide you with regular information about your child's progress and with opportunities, via open evenings, to meet with staff to discuss concerns or by appointment at other times,

  6. send home an annual report on your child's progress,

  7. keep you well informed about school policies and activities through regular letters and newsletters,

  8. set, mark and monitor homework suitable to your child's needs,

  9. contact you if there is a problem with your child's attendance, punctuality or behaviour in class or in the playground,

  10. inform you of any concerns regarding your child's work or health,

  11. challenge your child to strive for personal excellence in all he or she does or is asked to do,

  12. encourage success and recognise effort and achievement in all areas of student life,

  13. go beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum and meet, wherever possible, the individual needs of the child,

  14. try to develop clear lines of communication between home and school

  15. treat parents and pupils with courtesy and respect.

    Signed (Class teacher) __________________________Date _____________


    In this agreement we are asking parents to make sure that their child understands the responsibility that being at school brings and to make sure that they make the most out of each and every day!