Safeguarding Team

One of the most important aspects of our work as a school is safeguarding.  We work closely with children and their families together with statutory agencies to keep our children as safe as we possibly can.


We have a team of senior staff trained to Level 2 Safeguarding.  This training is regularly updated to keep abreast of developments in legislation and practice.  In addition to this, all Claycots staff receive Level 1 Safeguarding training.  Claycots has a small team of staff who are deployed full time to work directly with children and families in all areas of safeguarding and family work.  These staff members are able to build good relationships with families and statutory agencies.  Claycots works with Slough Early Help, and has several staff members trained in using the electronic Early Help system to enable information to be shared between agencies.  We work hard to support families and children and do our best to make sure that the right help is found to enable the best outcomes for our children.