Communication and Language Team

The Communication and Language Team is a multi-disciplinary team committed to meeting the needs of the needs of children identified with language and communication needs.   Language and communication skills are fundamental to expressing needs, understanding daily concepts, engaging in social interaction and relationships as well as of course accessing learning in the classroom environment.


There are two separate departments within the Communication and Language and Team: the Communication Champions and the EAL Team.


Communication Champions

At Claycots, we have a small team of teaching assistants who are trained to deliver Speech and Language programmes.  have been trained in by Slough Speech and Language Therapy Service at Arbour Vale School. They work from programmes set by Speech and Language Therapists after a child has been referred by the school. The interventions could be in class or out of class and will last for a set amount of time as directed by the Speech and Language Therapist.

A child with language and communication needs may present with:

  • Speech that is difficult to understand

  • Have difficulty in saying words or sentences

  • Find it difficult to understand or follow instructions

  • Have difficulties in listening and attending to others

  • Have difficulty in talking to others socially 

If you are worried about your child or think that they may have language and communication difficulties, please contact the SENCO on the main school number.


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

A child is defined as having EAL if they are exposed to a language other than English at home.  We do not view having an additional language as a disadvantage – in fact children who are bi-lingual or multi-lingual are highly skilled language learners and often have an advantage in the classroom.   

All of our children are assessed in their proficiency in English, and graded according to the “stages” of language learned – from no English at all to fully proficient.    Some children are then given support to learn English rapidly through a programme of support in class and through working with one of our specialist teaching assistants outside the classroom.  Class teachers will give extra support to these children through small group working and giving them access to resources such as photographs and pictures to help them understand the learning.

If you speak another language at home, please make sure that the school office know.