Learning Environment

Through play, children can learn at their own level and pace and can explore and experiment without fear of failure. It gives children choice and ownership over their actions and provides concrete experiences, which provide the foundation for later more abstract thinking. Play is learning, and all children have the right to learn in an interesting, creative, enjoyable way.

The learning environment is arranged to provide an orderly, calm and stimulating space in which children can independently find, use and return the resources they require. It is crucial in supporting children's learning and sparking their curiosity and imagination.



We have completed an exciting refurbishment of the Britwell Campus Early Years Foundation Stage bringing a dynamic change of environment for our children to learn in a social setting, access outdoor learning throughout the year and develop a greater appreciation of nature and the active outdoors environment. It is anticpated that we will create new internal zones for art and wet play with a further Innovation Zone. Outdoor climbing and play equipment will provide opportunity to challenge the children physically and to work as a part of a team.

Britwell Campus:                                                                            

How children learn is fundamental in providing purposeful activities and learning what will move them forward.

     The characteristics of learning are:

  • Active Learning
  • Playing and exploring
  • Creating and thinking critically

Our magnificent Play Castle not only promotes active play and physical development, it also acts as a great outdoor resource for both pretend play and den making. The huge spaces on top of the Castle are great for child-led games and even storytelling sessions with the children. The Castle has been made to offer multiple access points and will test and develop children's gross motor skills. As well as climbing, children will be able to create great dens under the Castle, which adds an extra element of fun to games but, as well as this, can become a great area for quiet time. Check out our Play Castle which is ideal for EYFS and KS1 children.  Which fairy tale would your children re-enact? 

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We believe that outdoor play is very special. It offers children freedom, space and time to explore.

We aim to make sure that you feel involved in your children’s experiences and development with us. We will share information with you on a daily basis.

We make learning fun so that our children feel positive about learning and feel confident and competent, as this will enable them to succeed at school and beyond.


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Town Hall Campus:

There are plans for refurbishing inside and outside EYFS once the expansion project is completed which will allow for more space within the early years area.

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