Key Expectations

The School Day


Start of the school day

All pupils begin their day at 8.45am for registration. Your child’s day starts promptly at 8.45am. Between 8.45am and 9.00am children take part in a morning challenge. This is vital in supporting your child’s current learning and consolidating previous learning. If you arrive late you need to make your way to the school office where you will be able to sign your child in. They will be marked down as ‘late’ and a member of staff will take them to their classroom.


Regular attendance

If your child is ill, please ring the school office at 8:00am and leave a message on the school’s answer machine providing your child’s name, class and reason for absence.

For regular non attendance, the Attendance Officer’s role is to establish close links between home and school. They have the responsibility of ensuring that every child of school age receives full-time education and works closely with the school to ensure that this happens.  It is important to note that if a child’s absence is ongoing or not accounted for by a parent and there is a failure to provide a satisfactory explanation to the local authority, it could result in a prosecution with the potential for a £2000 fine or even imprisonment.

If your child comes to school regularly they will enjoy their learning and make good progress. School is preparation for life. Help your child to do well by ensuring prompt and regular attendance.



The school does not support families booking holidays during term time for any reason. All holiday absences will be recorded as unauthorised. Parents who take their children away for a holiday during term time risk prosecution and face the possibility of losing their child’s place at the school.


School Uniform

School uniform instills a sense of belonging and our children wear the Claycots badge with pride. By promoting smart dress we can ensure that children not only take pride in themselves, but also in their work, their learning environment and their school community.

Boys’ Uniform                     

White shirt (with turn down collar and sleeves)

School tie

Grey trousers

Green school jumper

Grey socks

Black school shoes

Girls’ Uniform                       

White shirt (with turn down collar and sleeves)

School tie

Grey skirt or dress

School jumper or cardigan

White or Grey socks/Grey tights

Black school shoes

In the summer, boys may wear grey shorts and a school white Polo shirt & girls may wear a green check dress (no tie required).


PE Uniform                           

House colour polo shirt

Green shorts

White sports socks

Black plimsolls

A school branded PE bag to keep kit safe and tidy is available from the school’s main office.



Visiting Claycots

We hope that you will find a warm welcome at Claycots School. If you wish to visit to see your child’s teacher or any other member of staff, a telephone call to make an appointment would be greatly appreciated. This will help us find a mutually convenient time for a useful discussion

Healthy Eating


Water is provided throughout the day. Each year base has drinking water available for pupils.

During lunchtimes, water and milk are the only drinks available to pupils.

IMG 0598

Free School Meals

Children in Reception up to Year 2 are entitled to Free School meals. Please complete the ‘eat for free’ from. A menu will be provided at the start of each half term in order for you to have an awareness of your child’s meals.

Packed Lunches

Children can bring in a packed lunch. However please complete the ‘eat for free’ form as the school may be entitled to additional funding to support your child. Please ensure packed lunches are healthy. Chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks are not permitted in packed lunches. The school recommends that packed lunches contain a piece of fruit and food such as sandwiches, which provide a steady release of energy throughout the day. Pupils may bring in still fruit juices, water or milk.