Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant at Claycots School Partnership

The Pupil Premium Grant is funding given to our school by the Government to help support children.  If any of the following applies to your child, please contact the school office for help to apply:

·         Does your child have free school meals or has your child had free school meals in the last 6 years?

·         Is either parent a member of the armed forces?

·         Is your child looked after by the local authority, have they been adopted or have an SGO or CAO? 

The Pupil Premium Strategy for 2018/19 was ratified by the Governing Body on 16/07/2019 and is due for review in July 2019. The Pupil Premium Governor is J.Akinlabe.

The Pupil Premium Strategy will be reviewed regularly throughout the year and adjusted to ensure the maximum benefit in children’s outcomes.    

Principles of the Pupil Premium Spend:

The principles for spending the Pupil Premium Strategy link to our core LIVE valuesLive values small

We recognise that not all pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant will be underachieving, whilst some pupils who are not eligible may be.  It is school policy to assess, plan and provide support and interventions for any individual or groups of pupils where underachievement may be found.  Some pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant who are not underachieving academically may well be targeted for support to enhance their future aspirations, leadership skills and non-academic life experiences.

There are three main areas of expenditure for the Pupil Premium grant in 2018/19:

1.       Quality First Teaching Support

2.       Social, Emotional and Wellbeing Support

3.       Experiential learning.

These three areas link to the identified barriers to learning.  Please see the Pupil Premium Strategy document 2018/19 for full details of this and how the impact is assessed.

Financial Hardship and Trips/Workshops/Residentials

We are proud to offer an amazing range of fantastic learning experiences for our children with the trips, residential visits and workshops our children take part in.
We have found that going on a trip or residential visit or having special visitors to school can bring  learning to life for the children and improve their vocabulary, writing, social skills or leadership skills.
Unfortunately there is often a large cost to school of running a trip or a workshop, which is why we have to ask parents for contributions when these happen.  Recently we have found that some of our school trips and visits have cost the school hundreds of pounds as some parents have not paid any contributions.  The school cannot keep funding trips without it affecting other areas of learning.
If you are having difficulty with paying for a trip, then please contact the school office confidentially.  We can set up small payments on Parent Pay – sometimes even £2 per week can make a huge difference to spreading out the cost.  We can continue to take payments even after a trip has finished so the weekly cost can come down.
We will not be able to provide trips for free to anyone – but if you are having genuine hardship then we can work with you to help with the cost of trips and visits.  If this is the case then please contact the Headteacher or the Family Support team in school.
We appreciate that it is difficult when schools ask for money, but hope that we can work together on a solution to make sure that the children get the best experiences possible.