Our School Results

National Data Performance Summary

Further information on our performance can be found on the Department for Education website, at:    https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/132089/claycots-school

Etfs resultsThe percentage achieving GLD at end of EYFS and achieving expected standard in phonics in year 1 have risen year on year. GLD was in line with national in 2017 and phonics, whilst below national in 2017 is likely to be in line this year. The phonics result has increased by 10% points since 2016.

Key stage 1 % Expected Standard
Key stage 1 pc expected standard

Key Sage 1 % Greater Depth
Key stage 1 pc greater depth2018 key stage 1 results were lower than those in 2017, but are 4% higher than 2016 results in writing and maths (reading results have fallen by the same amount in the same period). The percentage achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined was above average in both 2016 and 2017 when benchmarked using FFT data.   Achievement of greater depth at KS1 was above national average in 2016 and 2017 in all subjects. As for expected standards, results have dropped since 2017 but 2018 results are above those in 2016 in reading and maths (there was a slight drop in reading over the same period).  In 2017, 23% achieved greater depth in reading, writing and maths combined, which is double the national figure.

Key Stage 2 % Expected Standard
Key stage 2 pc expeted standard

Key Stage 2 % Greater Depth/High Score
Key stage 2pc greater dephth high scoreAttainment of expected standards has improved in all subjects since 2016 with a significant improvement in attainment of expected standards in reading, writing and maths combined, which is broadly in line with national average.   As for expected standards, attainment of higher standards/greater depth has improved in all subjects, with notable improvements in writing, maths and GPS. The percentage achieving higher standards in reading, writing and maths combined has doubled since 2016 is in line with national average.