Enigma Bright Sparks


Enigma Bright Sparks is the name of our skills based creative curriculum. Our creative curriculum incorporates Art, DT, History and Geography. Our Bright Sparks curriculum also links where possible to Literacy, Numeracy, Music, PSHCE and Science. A cross-curricular curriculum that stimulates motivates and inspires children’s learning

An exciting part of our Bright Sparks curriculum are Skills Afternoons. Here children have hands-on fun experience, which build to an end goal- this could be anything from mechanics, yoga or even learning Mandarin! Skills Afternoons develop children’s skills of Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Readiness (  ). Children get to choose what they are most interested in.

Bright Sparks Curriculum covers the National Curriculum and subject specific skills that progress from Years 1 to 6 in all subjects. Each Bright Sparks lesson also links to the 5r’s- lifelong transferable skills. Bright Sparks uses some elements of the IPC model, which is a distinct learning process, providing a structured approach to make sure that children’s learning experiences are as stimulating and rigorous as possible.

Before each Bright Sparks Unit begins, teachers ascertain what the children already know, and would like to know about their upcoming unit through a Knowledge Harvest. This way, the lessons are tailored to suit the children interests and starting points.

Each Bright Sparks unit begins with an exciting Entry Point where children are immersed in their new topic. This could be a trip, an experience, a work shop- any number of exciting activities!

Woven into the curriculum is our outdoor education program. This is opportunity for children to take part in an award scheme in which they learn the skills and knowledge needed to take part on residential trips and adventure activities. This program follows a progression from bronze award through to gold and each award builds upon the skills of the former. Children have experienced camping, mountaineering, gorge walking, fire lighting and many others, enabling the development of character dispositions such as team building and oracy.